Comedy friends — for the last 3 years you all have supported Comedy Really Cares (CRC) in raising funds for important causes in the community. We are gonna flip that a bit now and focus on you, community members, during this pandemic time. Do you need help? CRC can be a pathway to help you with getting you what you need.

CRC is going to focus on providing either physical groceries to you, cash for groceries or for bills. Many of us are struggling but there are a lot of us who are still working, still have money flowing in and have the space and interest in making a pool of cash to support those who need it. Fuck the capitalist system. Let’s keep each other up. This is comedy community focused, but if you have someone outside the community you want to send things too, let us know.

This funding network will be overseen by 3 people. Your submission, requests and needs are confidential and will not be shared outside the 3 people unless you opt to share yourself.

email questions to comedyreallycares (at ) gmail (dot) com

If you are in need please fill out this form: https://forms.gle/nY2eR6x9s56FXctbA

If you have resources to donate, please fill out this form: https://forms.gle/ddJfzwQgUDHzy2Wn9

Details about how this will be done:
Three people are working together to review and facilitate the funds and resources available. When we have needs surface we will contact those who offered to donate and will work from there. If needed we will adapt the process. No ones private information will be shared.