Comedy Really Cares

The third annual Comedy Really Cares fundraiser is approaching. The wind is sharp and cold, the political landscape is a fucking nightmare and I am sitting at home in warm house thinking about the prison system. That’s right, that means that I’ve picked a new beneficiary for the 2019 winter fundraiser, The Oregon Justice Resource Center (OJRC).

Portland, get ready to reach into those pockets though because the work that the OJRC is doing is so god damn important. Read about the work they are doing and you’ll see why I chose them. And let’s not forget the kids, as always – CRC will be collecting toy donations for Doernbecher Children’s Hospital. Bring your unwrapped, new toy donations to any CRC show and we’ll help some kids in some rough situations have a little better of a holiday.

Line up:

  • November 26: Rat King, 9 pm, doors at 8:45 pm, $5 – Kickstand Comedy
    Rat King is an invite show where your favorite improvisers bring their favorite improvisers from around the city to make one unforgettable show. Come ready to see a wild and weird tangle of tails and pay tribute to the almighty Rat King (chosen from our incredible audience). Get your tickets here.
  • November 27: GORP, 9 pm, doors at 8:45 pm, $5 – Kickstand Comedy. 
    Come and witness the birth of the newest GORP format baby featuring an incredible pool of performers and the first appearance of GORPs corporate sponsor, the GORP Food Network. You won’t want to miss the hijinks on this cold November night.
    Get your tickets here.
  • November 29 + 30: Spectravagasm: Holidazed! 10 pm, $10 – Shaking the Tree Theatre
    Collecting toys during the November 30th show!
    Back by popular demand, Spectravagasm’s hit show from 2016 is a stocking stuffed full of scathing holiday comedy: Santa quits Christmas, Scrooge and the Grinch team up, and Jesus has a surprise party. Guaranteed to get you on the naughty list. More info here.
  • December 5: Broke Gray & Friends, 7 pm – Kickstand Comedy
    It’s time for an extra dose of Broke Gravy! We’re going to talk to our audience and play a little Whatchu Wanna Know, where you can ask us questions! Get your tickets here.
  • December 6: The Classic Comedy Match, 8 pm, doors at 7:30 pm, $15 advanced tickets – CSz Portland Arena, 1963 NW Kearney St., Portland
    Suitable and fun for all ages. This truly is the one show that makes everybody laugh

  • December 6: In-Between, 9 pm, doors at 8:30, $10 – Kickstand Comedy, 16 NW Broadway, Portland
    Quarterly show that features creative, live performance that lives between artistic genres. Get your tickets here.
  • December 11: GORP, 9 pm, doors at 8:30 pm, $5- Kickstand Comedy, 16 NW Broadway, Portland
    GORP is a bi-monthly improv comedy show on the second and fourth Wednesday at Kickstand Comedy. It focuses on new teams, new performers and new formats. Get your tickets here.
  • December 12: Dear Diary, 7:30 pm, doors at 7:15 pm, $10 – Kickstand Comedy
    The secret crushes, the hidden grudges, the triumphs, and the horrors: with a guest reader, nostalgic tunes, and a cast of top improvisers, #DearDiaryPDX 🔑🔑takes the writing you vowed you’d never show anyone, and turns it into an hour-long show. 

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We are ramping up the raffle again and it’s looking good. It’s looking so good you might want to marry it. burn.

Raffle tickets are $5 per ticket or 5 tickets for $20 — with them you may win one of the following prizes: A pass to the 2020 Stumptown Improv Festival, 2 tickets to the Siren Theater, one of 2 $60 gift cards to CSz Portland, 2 nights for up to 2 adults in a super swanky AirBnB in NE Portland, a set of Funbots from local artist Gary Hirsch, a double pass to the movie of the winner’s choice for QDoc Film Festival (April 30-May 3, 2020) and one of a boxes of Brew Dr. Kombucha!

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How to purchase a raffle? 

One easy way is for you to donate directly to OJRCand then send me a receipt or screen cap of how much you donated and i’ll put your tickets in the bucket. You can also purchase tickets at certain CRC events (details to come). Email donation info to comedyreallycares @ gmail(dot)com



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